Brendan Berry co-arranged, mixed, edited, and performed on Jon Samson’s 2019 GRAMMY Winning Album, Ageless: Songs for the Child Archetype, in the category of Best Children’s Album. 

Ageless is an album that shines unconditional light on the emotional challenges we all face—anxiety, A.D.D., depression—and the bigger problems of the world. Through honest reflection of these predicaments, Jon’s music offers strategies for overcoming these challenges, and in so doing, instills hope in a world that needs it. 

As a colleague in the music therapy field, Brendan understood the significance of Jon’s album, and the need for promoting emotional education and healing in a way that could reach children and adults. So, when Jon asked if Brendan could help arrange a song on his latest album in late 2018, Brendan leapt at the chance. Over the next year, Brendan helped to mix and arrange; he played bass, guitar, banjo and ukulele; he sang and whistled. He also clapped, played mouth trumpet, beatboxed, programed synths, engineered, and tirelessly threw toys and bones for Jon’s dog. The result is some of the most rewarding work of Brendan’s career. It was a profound honor for Brendan to have worked on such a sophisticated body of music that has been recognized by the Academy.

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